Bohemian Rhapsody - daring to recreate the masterpiece LIVE and ON MY OWN!

I have an issue with stubbornness. And here we go..


I do find it quite scary recreating Bohemian Rhapsody. It is such an amazing and complicated piece! But I love it too much not to do it. 

As well as I have realised that this is the toughest challenge I've ever set myself and honestly.. I am finding it VERY hard.

But now I see that being a little autistic helps. It makes it easier not to realise how hard it could be to accomplish something. Therefore I do not start building silly stories in my head that 'this is impossible' or 'noone's done it before, so not worth trying'. 

As well as I would suggest this type of disability to everyone! Don't even bother finding out whether anyone's ever done it or not, just go for it! 


So, here it is: Ladies and Gentlemen, I have fully written out each and every single note of Bohemian Rhapsody and put it into a Sibelius file (a music typing programme) The beautiful voicing, piano and band parts, and the guitar solo. I'm gonna sing it all LIVE! Just joking.. I'm gonna play the piano part and sing all the rest.


I couldn't find on YouTube whether anything similar has ever been done. Which doesn't mean it hasn't. But I am pretty sure I will be pioneering in doing it on my own with MY VOICE, a Vocal Effects Pedal and a Piano only. (what and how am I using the Pedal will be described in one of the next articles) 


And it worries me a lot that I have set myself a deadline, but find the task quite hard so far..

Meanwhile the song is transcribed (I almost killed myself, I must say..) and now I am slowly but steadily learning the parts.. Very slowly.. 


I am really hoping to reach my goal of posting a video of Bohemian Rhapsody performed LIVE a few days before the Halloween. 


If just like me, you are a hopeless dreamer who works for what you love: Follow me on my crazy journey! 


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  • Gillian

    Gillian Spain

    Wow! As a fellow musician I can only imagine how difficult that must be!! Can't wait for the results.

    Wow! As a fellow musician I can only imagine how difficult that must be!! Can't wait for the results.

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