Being yourself is better than being perfect!

One of my songs is called 'Perfect' and, yes, you have to be perfect in this world. With an exception that nobody is perfect, so, welcome to the club! The chorus line of the song goes: 'I hate to pretend I'm Perfect, because I'm not.' Kind of makes sense and very simple. But is it? 

We live in a world of beauty standards going absolutely mad: you're not allowed to eat, get a tan, or genuinely smile (in case a few disastrous fine lines would appear). OMG! It's not just about the way you look! Your earnings should be at least very decent and preferably at a very young age. Perfect picture: you're a millionaire by twenty-two. If not, sorry, you're a loser! Because we have a cult here in this society, you know, we only like the young and the hungry. Well, there's nothing wrong with being young, but there is nothing wrong with being old either. Or middle-aged. Or.. whatever you are. And that seems to be quite a problem. At least one that celebrities can not deal with or face. There are some pop musicians that seem to only get more silly when older. 

I personally was hoping that there is this side effect of ageing - GETTING WISER. 

Sadly it does not seem happening to everyone.

I have a friend who has serious hormonal issues that made her put on loads of weight in her teens. Basically she turned from an absolutely average weight girl into a quite incredibly overweight one. Both of her parents are skinny. She is eating alright food and exercising, but she simply IS really overweight. And you know what, I never noticed that till my sister told me: 'look at her fat thighs!' For a second I was a bit like: what? Fat? Who? And then I realised that my lovely friend was having quite an overweight and I had never really noticed that. And why should I? I love her, because she is the cutest thing in the world: a bit quirky and incredibly kind. What else could I ask for from a friend? 


The bridge section of my song goes into an endless repetition of a line: 'how can you detect?' And, in deed, how do you detect somebody's imperfections? I personally love seeing people so imperfect as I find it makes us all different. If everyone would be skinny, bleached barbies (and kens) millionaires.. the world would be deadly boring! Please, I love the different in you! 


I live in London and while sitting on tube I love watching the different characters in a single carriage: there are all ages, genders, weights, earnings, styles, religions, orientations, you name it! And it is as beautiful as walking into a meadow of flowers: all shapes and all colours! Absolute beauty! 


So with me you can feel free to be who you are. And I really hope you'll accept me for who I am too. Let's start a little be-yourself world: just you and me. 

..psst, if you know anybody else who would want to join, play them my song, here's the link:


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