Red Indra is the positive vibe creator! She lightens up the stage at the moment of the first notes of her music, as well as makes you feel better by the first frames of her films. The once homeless and hungry Londoner who's learned the life's lessons the hard way, now magnificently conquering stages of Europe as a performing musician and being played on US Radio Stations. Currently working on a short documentary and building an Eco Community in Bulgaria. 

Red Indra's music style is both: rock and dance! The 'synthy' and 'dancy' Ableton Live Loops moved around with her 'organic' special effects are combined with the wild rock solos of the guitarist Camilo Toston topped up with the no-gender defined drummer Jaca Freer. It's all very free and genuine. And it's rock. And it's dance. It's simply Red Indra: makes you feel better than when started watching the gig. 

 Since 2015 Red Indra has performed in many venues in London and is causing quite a stir on the scene. So far she has been seen performing at The Good Ship (Kliburn), Proud (Camden), The Arc (Angel), O'Neill's (Muswell Hill) and Alley Cat (Soho) as well as continues performing at many more venues. She has produced several original acoustic videos which can be seen on Youtube: Having 5 years of experience in working in film industry, she is currently working on her first music video/documentary film discussing the visual stereotypes in society.

 Red Indra has been on ReverbNation's Top 40 for more than 40 weeks now regularly rising up to top 20 with her demo of the song Appreciate. Her first EP is just finished and about to be released. As well as it will be accompanied by 4 documentaries each covering a different social topic of her songs: stereotypes, equality, compassion and understanding. Everything Red Indra creates is aimed to be eye-opening, happy and positive. And its main idea is to create this world a better place. 

Very soon you're welcome to visit the self sustainable eco village in Bulgaria: it is currently being built by Red Indra and her eco thinking team. 



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