Encrypted Love is the project of positive music, art and message.The genre of music could be described as an uplifting trap rock!

The leader Indra Barrett has made her own instrument to trigger sounds as well as to play her fiery live keyboard solos. She's the inventor of her instrument and this new approach to live music: the performance includes a constant element of surprise due to the vocal effects used live as well as the digital DJing played by the original instrument. Meanwhile the performance has the very familiar pop rock sound as the drummer Anthony Bealing and the guitarist Zeno demonstrate their virtuosity. Hendrixy guitars mixed with Chemical Brothers style rhythms and synth wobble bass reminding you of The Imagine Dragons.

The style could be described as pop rock with head-turning surprises of dubstep, EDM and blues rock. Before the Encrypted Love start Indra was causing quite a stir in London by performing solo under a name Red Indra. Her show containing Vocal effects pedal and Keyboard virtuosity gained quite a popularity on the London music scene where she performed Queen Bohemian Rhapsody all by her self on her vocal effects pedal and a keyboard missing out only one (!) of the vocal parts!

But it's not about the technical amazement or musical ability. It's all about positivity and the message behind the original songs touching upon topics like: equality, consumerism, ecology, depression etc.

For Encrypted Love the whole 2019 was spent in playing gigs throughout London and building the following. On the 12th December 2019 the first single 'Happy' was released and now in June 2020 the single 'Appreciate' has been successfuly released.

The newest video 'Appreciate' is a stop motion animation created by Indra herself while on lockdown and is dedicated to the least appreciated jobs in our society as well as the NHS.


A positively inspiring podcast is on its way! And soon you will be able to see Encrypted Love performing live in nature on the Horsenden Farm!

But for now listen to Encrypted Love on every major music streaming platform or watch the creative video on YouTube.


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